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What it’s like to volunteer at Banyan…

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with Camp Banyan during one of their cooking classes! We worked with all of the young people to prepare, create, and then eat… Read more »

What’s Next?

Hello friends of the Banyan!  Here’s a little update on what is happening next for our nonprofit! We are starting the Business Development Plan for the social enterprise aspect of… Read more »

Camp Banyan 2017 is Coming!

Camp Banyan 2017 is Coming! Camp Banyan is a six-week summer program for handicapable young adults ages 16-29 who are working toward independence (i.e. employment and life on their own,… Read more »

Welcome to Our Odyssey

Join one of our founders, Jane Williams, as she outlines our purpose and goals for this blog and for the Banyan Odyssey!

2016 Year in Review

Hello friends, welcome to our blog! We are so glad you’re here, and we can’t wait to share with you our goals, dreams, the things we love in the handicapable community, and more!