Perseverance with Allison Tremblay – Camp Banyan Spotlight!

Allison Tremblay is a Camper from Camp Banyan who is growing toward her dream of being a chef! Take a look at her journey and how she incorporates our Core Value of Perseverance! Full interview with Jane Williams below:

Q: Tell us your name and where you work

A: I’m Allison Tremblay, I work at the Birchwood Inn.

The Birchwood Inn is one of the swanky restaurants in downtown St. Petersburg?


How long have you worked there?

Almost one year

Yay! I remember last summer you were working in the dish pit but you wanted to be doing prep work. What are you doing now?

Monday through Wednesday I do dishes, and two days I prep.

What do you do when you prep?

Cutting, working with my hands, getting down and messy.

Do you love that?


What is your ultimate goal?

I want to become a head chef and own my own restaurant!

What will your restaurant be called?

Family and Friends

I wanted to ask you about our Core Value at Camp Banyan of Perseverance. Do you remember what perseverance means?

Yes, never give up.

Exactly! How does that apply to your job?

If I have a hard time on a recipe, I try my best to work on it on my own. If I can’t understand it or I need help, I ask one of my coworkers.

Good, but you don’t just give up and say I can’t do this…

No! I go up to the person who gave me the recipe and say I can’t do this, will you please help me?

Great! What is your favorite part?

My favorite part is to get down and messy.

You get stuff all over that beautiful chef’s coat?

The coat, the side of my arms, half of my face, on my hat!

Do you get along with your coworkers?

Yes I do.

When you first started working here, how did you get to know everybody?

At first I was quite nervous and shy, then I persevered to be myself and they started liking me.

Yeah, I noticed when we were coming in, people were hugging you and the lady at the front desk said, “We love Allison!”

They think I’m the biggest sweetheart here, and they think I work real hard at my job.

Yes, that is a great trait! So do you feel like you use the Core Value of hospitality too?

Yes I do, I do that with the guests. If there is no hostess and they are trying to get out the door with all their baggage, I open the door for them.

Wonderful, so you are always looking to see how you can help other people! Allison we are so proud of you and thank you so much!

“When Allison comes in, she is positive about doing her work. She is a hard worker! We are glad to have her here.” -Rodney  (coworker)

“Right now she already knows how to start… she makes her list and she starts. We are teaching her how to do the recipe, and she’s very smart! She’s a very nice person, and she always asks when she has questions.” -Maria (coworker)