Responsibility with Hannah Hurm – Camp Banyan Spotlight!

Hannah Hurm is a beloved member of the Camp Banyan community! She is known for her smile, her jokes, and her love of pizza. Join us as we explore how our friend Hannah uses the core value of responsibility!

What follows is the full interview with Jane Williams (JW) and mom, Michele Hurm (MH).

H: Hi I am Hannah Melissa Hurm.

JW: How old will you be on your birthday?

H: 20 tacos!

JW: 20 tacos old? (laughs) We’re talking about our core value of being responsible. Can you read us the definition of what it means to be responsible?

H: Be responsible – everyone is needed, step up and do your part.

JW: Are you responsible here at home?

H: Yes

JW: So what are you responsible for here at home? What chores do you do?

H: Laundry, wash the floors, clean the car…

JW: What was your responsibility or your challenge in making friends?

H: Greet my people.

JW: When you do that, how does it make you feel in return when you greet other people?

H: Happy!

JW: Because why? How do they respond?

H: “Hello Hannah!”

JW: Yeah, they’re friendly in return! It’s like the golden rule: “treat others the way you want to be treated.” Tell us about your family! How many kids are in your family? (FROG)

H: None

JW: That’s because you’re a young woman now, right?

H: I’m 19!

JW: So only 1 kid; how about occupation? What would you like to be when you get older?

H: Make pizza

JW: You want to be a pizza maker? Would you make it or would you eat it?

H: Both! 

JW: Thank you so much for your time this afternoon and thank you for being so responsible!

-Interview between Jane Williams and mom, Michele Hurm-

MH: Yes ever since you and M.E. challenged Hannah to greet people, Hannah has made an effort to volunteer at the Special Olympic dinner my mom puts on. She greeted people and she was received very well, and it was heart filling for them and Hannah was please with the job that she had done! It has continued through her communication at school with her teachers. They continue to work to bring her out and she is seeing how to meet them at their request and it’s making for a better academic situation… realizing that she can use her words and when she does the reward that comes from that. But on vacation as well we stayed at a B&B and Hannah introduced herself to the new people from Sweden and Janice, the inn keeper, and then we went to a wedding where there was all family and new cousins on the either side and Hannah introduced herself and engaged with them.

JW: So did you have to prompt her to converse?

MH: No, in that case she just really wanted to be a part of the girls and they were very welcoming and inclusive. But she keeps implementing it and when we returned to school she greeted her teachers and after we’ve been there 10 years or so, people about passed out! They were so giddy that Hannah was greeting them, so it was received well and Hannah saw what a difference just saying good morning made and how much easier it is to use your words in communication and then the understanding makes everything easier.

…each time Hannah goes to camp banyan, the fruit that comes from that… we just really see results at home and then out. SO we would like to have a full year program of Camp Banyan!

JW: It’s coming! When we have the social enterprise and we employ the people that are going through the program and the residence hall, the training that we are doing now will be on an ongoing basis for the residents… so it will be Camp Banyan all the time!

-Interview between Michele Hurm and Hannah-

MH: What things do you do to help out at home?

H: Laundry.

MH: What do you do with the laundry?

H: Play my music and fold!

MH: And then what?

H: I jam out!

MH: You do jam out; you’re a very joyful laundry folder. And so what do you do for the week with your clothes? You put everything you need for each day in a pile?

H: Yes.

MH: After dinner, how are you a helper to me?

H: Wash dishes, dry the dishes and put them in the closet.

MH: Are you responsible for taking a shower?

H: Yep

MH: You take care of your hair and all your hygiene?

H: Yep

MH: How did you feel when you first started speaking up and talking to people? A lot of times you used to keep your head down but now…

H: Mush the apple sauce! (a trick learned at theatre class, pretend you’re holding an apple under your chin!)

MH: You don’t want to mush the apple sauce! How do you feel when people respond to you?

H: Respond back.

MH: Right! That’s a great way, and how does that make you feel?

H: Happy!