Camp Banyan 2017 – Review – Pt. 3 & 4

We have asked some of our friends from Camp Banyan to guest write a blog series all about their experiences at Camp Banyan 2017!

So, without further ado, get ready to travel back in time to our fabulous summer!

Camp Banyan 2017 – Review – Pt. 3 – by Nicole Hammani

“Camp has been over for 3 weeks now, and we can hardly wait to start again. As a mom of a camper, I love that my child is able to participate in a camp that is tailored to her special needs. As a volunteer at Camp Banyan, I am able to see the leaps and bounds made by each camper. Six weeks of camp filled with love, laughs, tears, frustration, joy, perseverance, and every other emotion! A place where learning life skills is fun. A place where it’s okay to be yourself. A place where no one judges. A place like every place should be!  Only 344 days until camp…..but who’s counting???


Camp Banyan 2017 – Review – Pt. 4 – by Melissa Tremblay

“I volunteer at Camp Banyan because of the campers.  I love these kids.  No matter what’s happening in your life, they welcome you with open arms, and a smiling face.  They are soooo energetic and willing to learn.  The best part is they are all so willing to … step out of the box!    When we do role playing and acting, they totally get into their characters.  That does not come natural to me as a kid or now as an adult.  But to put a funny hat on and become someone else to act out a scene, I never feel embarrassed or intimidated.  No where else in the world can I do that…….  I love it and them!!!